Many scientists believe that the coral reef systems of the Southeastern United States are in decline. To convey precisely the manner and extent of that decline, those scientists examining the issues have determined that a "baseline" should be established for coral reef health. Future observations and quantifications of the same scientific criteria over set periods of time can accurately document the extent of the decline (or improving health) of the coral reef system.

Ocean Rehab Initiative Inc. with the help of Florida Volunteers will get a Scientific Baseline for the Southeast Florida Reef Tract in 2010. We will utilize the globally recognized scientific methodology established by Reef Check Foundation.

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Ocean Rehab Initiative Inc. invites you to join us in 2010-11 for the Florida Reef Project. Divers will be trained and certified to assist science with Coral Reef Conservation surveys. Ocean Rehab Initiative Inc. will provide all of the costs for training and the dive surveys.

"A real progress in addressing environmental challenges is to involve a broad group of concerned citizens. The Ocean Rehab Initiative does exactly that by employing citizen divers in studying and mapping the reef structures off the east coast of South Florida, which is one of the most endangered marine environments extant."
Quote by Royall Victor III, Chair of the Environmental Committee and the Vice Chair of the Community Foundation for Palm Beach and Martin Counties Board of Directors.
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